WCB open hive: May 13

Exciting news: We have a new WCB crew and we’re holding our first open hive of the season on Saturday, May 13!

First, let’s congratulate WCB’s new board members:

  • Dale Brunswick: President
  • David Clift: Vice President
  • Michele Clift: Secretary

And John Umfreville has kindly agreed to stay on as treasurer. Thank you all for stepping up. Of course, we also have to thank former club president, vice president, and secretary Jeff BattagliniNate Shipman, and Richard Crocker. They launched and grew a great club!  

Second, come help us celebrate the first open hive of the season! Join us at the club yard in Newfane on Saturday, May 13 at 1 pm.

This is our first hive inspection at the club yard in 2023. We’ll do a general inspection of the hives and discuss what we find. Come learn (or remind yourself) how to do a spring evaluation and mite counts. 

Bring veils and wear proper shoes and clothing. Let us know ahead of time if you don’t have a veil, and we’ll bring extra. 

If you don’t know how to get to the club yard in Newfane, email us at weisbatty@gmail.com and we’ll give you directions. And if you are not a WCB member yet, we’ll sign you up at the open hive.

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