WCB meeting: April 15

Join us at the Moore Free Library in Newfane on Saturday, April 15 at 1 pm. We’ll have a short business meeting to discuss upcoming events and club goals.

This includes an election for our next WCB crew! Your illustrious president, vice president, and secretary, Jeff Battaglini, Nate Shipman, and Richard Crocker, have served their terms (and served them well). Thank you all for everything you have done to create, grow, and sustain WCB! John Umfreville has kindly agreed to stay on as treasurer. Thank you, John!

Now it is time to select WCB’s next leaders. See below for the 2023 nominees for president, vice president, and secretary. If anybody else would like to throw their name in, go for it. Everybody is welcome!

Nominees for the WCB board:

  • Dale Brunswick: President
  • David Clift: Vice President
  • Michele Clift: Secretary
  • John Umfreville: Treasurer

Once the election is over, we’ll discuss spring prep. What should you be doing now? Then we will follow with a beeQ&A. If a westbound bee leaves the apiary flying at 2 miles an hour …

Come bring your beekeeping questions and prepare to learn! Any (beek) topic is welcome! We can all learn from each other.

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