WCB open hive: May 25

We’re holding our first open hive of the season! Join us at the club yard in Newfane on Saturday, May 25 at 1 pm. We’ll do a general inspection of the hives and discuss what we find. Come learn (or remind yourself) how to do a spring evaluation and mite counts. We will also be discussing swarm management.

If you don’t know how to get to the club yard in Newfane, email us at windhamcountybeekeepers@gmail.com and we’ll give you directions. And if you are not a WCB member yet, we’ll sign you up at the open hive.

Individuals pay $10 a year to join WCB; families pay $15. Check out the Windham County Beekeepers website for more information. If you’d like to add something to any of the site pages, let us know. 

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