WCB meeting: April 13

Please join us as we host the Vermont Bee Lab for a workshop at the Moore Free Library on Saturday, April 13 from 12-3 pm.  The subject will be honey bee parasites and anatomy.  In this workshop, we will use microscopes and other laboratory techniques to learn about honey bee anatomy and several pests and pathogens.  We will perform dissections, practice alcohol washes for monitoring Varroa mites, and learn to identify and count Nosema spores.

There is an option to bring your own bee samples!  This workshop is an opportunity to diagnose your own live colonies or spring dead-outs.  You will learn how to test for both Varroa and Nosema.  Instructions to collect live or dead-out bee samples can be found on the bee lab website: http://vermontbeelab.com

Honey bee samples must be preserved in alcohol or wiper fluid in a sealed container.  Free sample collection kits are provided at the Moore Free Library or your nearest VT Bee Lab drop box.

Please sign-up prior to attending the workshop.  Limited to 20 participants (first come, first serve).  Registration is due April 5, 2024.  Thank you!

Please pre-register at:

For more information, contact Sydney Miller at vbl@uvm.edu or
Moore Free Library
23 West Street, Newfane VT  

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