WCB Meeting: February 25

  • When: Saturday, February 25, 1:00-3:00 pm
  • Where: Moore Free Library in Newfane
  • What: Brief business meeting and hive autopsy
  • Topic: Why did my bees die?

Join us at the Moore Free Library in Newfane on Saturday, February 25 at 1 pm for our second meeting in 2023! 

We’ll have a short business meeting to discuss upcoming events and club goals. Once we’re all caught up, we’ll conduct a hive autopsy of a deadout to see what we can learn. Bring your detective skills! Betterbee has some great info and resources on inspecting deadouts if you want some clues.

At WCB’s February 25 meeting, Jeff B will walk us through examining the hive. He will then tell us how to collect samples of dead bees and send them off to the Bee Research Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland.

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