Great VBA-WCB Meeting!

WCB did a fantastic job of hosting the VBA’s summer meeting at Leland and Gray on July 13. Everybody had a great time. The school (L&G – Marty Testo and Terry Davison Berger) was fantastic, the coffee and donuts (Harmonyville Store) were delicious, the speaker was great, people brought great dishes for the potluck lunch, and the breakout sessions were very informative. It was also great to have Suzanne Brouillette onsite to display the Slovenian (AZ) hives. Jennings Berger of Stone Arch Apiaries brought two of his hives for demos.

Thanks to Jeff B’s leadership and WCB’s 27 volunteers plus Scout Troop 428, everything ran very smoothly (including the setup the day before with a smaller WCB crew). Nancy Frye helped keep us all on task! Peter Hadeka and Mark Williams helped direct people and keep the traffic moving. The Scouts were fantastic.

And let’s not forget the raffle! Jill Dean did a wonderful job of organizing the raffle and Jeanne Davis (of Bennington County Beekeepers Club – now also a member of WCB) kept the raffle ticket sales moving. Anne Bebko, Karen Landers, and Jo Yankura helped there, too! Then we had scores of green raffle runners during the raffle results. That helped everything flow nicely.

And so many more people helped with anything that needed helping! It was wonderful to look out and see all the green shirts (our new club t-shirt). Thanks to Mary and Tim Powell and Rob Mather for staffing the WCB swag table.

Then when it was time to clean up and break down chairs and tables, I turned around for a second and it was done. The WCB green people do not waste time. Thank you, everybody!

WCB Green People + Scout Troop 428 – Some people are missing from the picture and some have glowy eyes, but this gives you an idea of our great crew!

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