Meeting #8: October 3, 2019

Minutes by WCB President Jeff Battaglini

Souls present: 16

  • Meeting opened by Jeff Battaglini at 6:30 p.m. with about 16 present.
  • Discussed having a potluck in November at the NewBrook Fire Department. Club voted in favor. Jeff B to work on date and time.
  • Discussed adding a WCB Member Directory to the WCB website to include name, town, and email. Club voted in favor.
  • Jeff B asked whether anybody would object to videotaping the meeting and future meetings if speaker is OK with it. Nobody objected. Club officers will discuss best way to video meetings – likely with Jeff B’s camera.
  • Announcement of an Intro to Mead Making 101 and Mead Tasting at the Moore Free Library in Newfane on November 8 at 6 p.m. Jeff B will be running the session.
  • Lynda Rapp gave the treasurer’s report.
  • Jo Yankura announced that Wellscroft is looking for photo ops in the spring – fence company would like to photograph bee yards with Wellscroft fencing/products for possible use in catalogs or future workshops.
  • Q&A session while waiting for speaker to arrive. Talked about miscellaneous items such as refractometers and moisture content in honey.
  • Business meeting adjourned at 7 p.m.
  • Andrew Munkres of Lemon Fair Honeyworks and vice president of VBA began his presentation about queen rearing.
  • Discussed different methods of queen rearing, including reverse splits. Also discussed late winter feeding and sustainable beekeeping.
  • Jeanne Davis made an announcement about the Bennington County Beekeeper’s Club meeting on October 10. Kirk Webster to talk about 20 years of treatment-free beekeeping.
  • Door prizes were handed out.
  • Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Meeting #6: August 9, 2019

Minutes by WCB Secretary Richard Crocker

Souls present: 24

  • Meeting opened by Jeff Battaglini with about 24 present.
  • Voted on by law changes; see Bylaws (September 2019)
  • Richard C. made a motion to accept changes as presented. Seconded by Rob M.  The motion passed.
  • Nate Shipman was nominated by Jeff B to be club vice president. Seconded and the motion passed.
  • Discussed September 21 Open Hive at Boondoggle Farm. Jeff B and Richard C. will present.  subject will be winterizing. Hosted by Richard Crocker.
  • Meeting in October will be on October 3 – Andrew Munkres will talk bout queen rearing.
  • Business meeting adjourned.
  • Jack Rath presented about varroa mite management.
  • Door prizes were handed out.

Meeting #3: April 13, 2019

Minutes by WCB Secretary Richard Crocker

Souls present: 24

Welcome, opening of meeting by Jeff Battaglini at 1:00


  • June 8 Open Hive at Jeff and Lesley’s nuc yard
  • June 22 Betterbee field day at Betterbee, Greenville, NY; various workshops
  • July 13 VBA summer meeting hosted by WCB; Townshend, Vermont
  • August 9, WCB meeting Jack Rath speaker; August varroa management
  • September 14, Vermont Golden Honey Festival, Cavendish Vermont
  • September WCB no date; winterizing hives


  • Elected Linda Rapp treasurer
  • Accepted logo at the top of the page
  • Jeff will see to getting a banner for display tables etc. made
  • Website, Lesley will be social media chair; suggested changes are possible
  • Summer VBA Meeting 7-13: Reports from Nancy Frye, passed a volunteer sign up sheet; Jill reported on VBA raffle progress
  • Plug for VBA membership


  • Jeff  Battaglini talked and presented forage tracking journal to attendees
  • Richard Crocker presented “why I make some of my woodenware” costs, ideas, and mistakes


  • The usual monthly raffle of useful items was held; thanks to Peter for birdhouses, Richard and Anne Doucet for soap and others

Respectfully Submitted:  Richard Crocker

Next WCB meeting will be an open hive at Joanne Yankura’s yard: 26 Blueberry Hill Drive, 1:00 p.m.

Meeting #2: March 16, 2019

Minutes by WCB Secretary Richard Crocker

Souls present: 24

Welcome, opening of meeting by Jeff Battaglini at 1:00

  • Motion by Richard Crocker to move the bylaws as presented, second by Rob Mather. Passed to accept by laws. None opposed.
  • Officers voted on were Jeff Battaglini president, Richard Crocker Secretary. Both elected. We still need vice president and treasurer.
  • Funding; Soup to Nuc raffle for $10.00 per ticket, 20 tickets. Nuc won by Nate Shipman. Bees donated by Jeff Battaglini, 5 frame equipment donated by Richard Crocker.
  • Discussed hosting July 13th VBA Summer meeting. Nancy Frye agreed to be coordinator. Lesley reported on progress, more at the next meeting. Jill agreed to be raffle coordinator, more for the next meeting. More information on the VBA website. There is a list of tasks to help.
  • Update on Vermont bill 205 by Jeff B as it winds its way through the legislature.
  • Farmers market hosted by the Windham County Historical society August 25th in Newfane. Talked about tents from Green Mountain Tent. Discussed a banner for booths and booths in general. No decision.
  • Logo:  Talked about a Logo. Deb Osowski shared process about logo development. More work to be done. (example at the top of this page).
  • Rob Mather talked about an opportunity for a booth at the Vermont Honey show at the Stage Coach Inn in Cavendish Sept 12-13. Should we have a table?
  • Dues and Membership:  Discussed dues and membership. Richard Crocker made a motion to charge $10 per year membership fee. Family $15.00 and students under 18, $5.00. Everyone is welcome to attend a meeting. On the nights we have a paid speaker there will be a suggested donation for non-members. Motion passed.

Richard will sign up people that want to be members at the next meeting in April. For now we will need cash.

  • Jeff B says register yards!

Jeff Battaglini presented about the beekeeper’s tool box. Peter Hadeka presented about coraplast hive wrap.

Next meeting on April 13th, 1:00 at the Newfane Library.

Premiere Meeting: February 16, 2019

Minutes by Ashleigh Southworth

Premier Meeting on 16 February 2019 at 1 pm at the Moore Free Library in Newfane, VT

Meeting Called to order at 1:07 pm by Jeff Battaglini.

Welcomed everyone in attendance and initial club members Lesley Weisbrot, Jeff Cunningham, Mark Williams, Jill Dean and Ashleigh Southworth. Welcomed Beekeepers Peter Davis, Fred Putnam Jr, Greg Smela, Richard Crocker and Jeff Cunningham

Parties attending: Over 40.

American Sign Language Interpreters Cory Brunner and Christine Bruby.

Jeff Battalgini began the Introduction planning meeting to discuss setting up the Windham County Beekeepers club. Question : What would members want from a Bee Club? All suggestions and ideas welcome.

Discuss Plans for hosting the State Vermont Beekeepers Association (VBA) summer meeting to be held on Saturday 13th July 2019 at the Leland and Gray High School in Townshend VT. The club is interested in getting help from members and volunteers for the event.

Jeff Battalgini informed the audience the Windham County Beekeepers club (WCB) new Facebook Page and the new Website in the making. Asked what information the group would want at meetings and discussed possibilities on inviting guest Keynote Speakers to the meetings.

Discussion of how the WCB will be funded for example either by donations at each meeting or annual membership dues. Rob Mathers mentioned passing a hat through the room for donations for the club. Discussion on cost of getting keynote speakers, sliding scale option for new beekeepers, annual membership for individual or family or non-members asked to make one time donation. Discussion as to membership dues being more reliable. Jeff Cunningham opened discussion on what the Vermont Beekeepers membership fees are $15 annually and $25 family. Kevin Sargent suggested membership rate and visitors rate. Jeff Battaglini was asked what are current concurring expenses of paper and ink to date as well as cost of the new website and domain.

Discussion on the importance of Registering your hives with the State of VT. Tear off sheets for registering your hives are available on the desk.

Reporting the breaking news of the Pollinator Protection Act and the new Legislation bill H.205 on the regulation of Neoncotoid Pesticides. Forum open to Vermont Beekeepers Association (VBA) members on their website.

Discussion on importance of Windham County having a voice and to have access to information.

Topic of Migratory Beekeepers coming to our area and affecting our beeshed areas.

Richard Crocker made comment on the importance of registering your bee hives and having the opportunity for the State Bee Inspector and  bee hive site inspection visits. Brought up the topic of Pesticide application last year in Brattleboro and affected BeeShed radius. The reason for an inspection by the bee inspector is to be informed of potential problems or diseases that may be being brought into your area.

Thank you to Lesley for the media work to date and getting the Facebook page up.

Need help imediately for the Website to get going. Todd Blackman was motioned to be nominated  as webmaster and motion was accepted and seconded.

The Windham County Beekeepers club needs a logo and is looking for suggestions to be submitted by a volunteer for approval.

Looking ahead to the summer and the role of Windham County Beekeepers club hosting the Vermont Beekeepers Association Summer meeting on July 13th in Townshend and are looking for volunteers and helpers! Sign up sheet and connected by emails through Lesley.

The club is looking for a Volunteer to fulfill various positions needed to organize the upcoming event. Jill Dean volunteered to be the Raffle coordinator to coordinate the Raffle at the VBA summer meeting contacting local business for donations and support. Nancy Frye volunteered to be the Volunteer coordinator for the event.

Mid Winter – Pre Springtime Hive Management – Numerous things to check as a beekeeper. Change in weight of hives (tilt method), Check ventilation (blocked entrances), check wind breaks. If you have a warm day, crack lids of hives open slightly to check food stores and whether supplemental feeding is required and moisture in the hive. Informed the attendees of the opportunity for a bulk fondant supplemental feed order, through the Green Mountain Food Service with delivery in Springfield. Need a Volunteer for pick up.

The topic of the formalizing the Windham County Beekeepers club and the election of officials to manage the club was made open for discussion. Need the following officials for the structure of the club:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Discussion amongst the group on the structure and Bylaws of the club. A rough draft of the by-laws was derived from the Bennington Beekeepers Association Bylaws and these are going to be made available to all parties. Chris Boucher voiced concerns on the formulation of Bylaws. Discussion on urgency of the approval of the Bylaws before the election of the officials of the club can be made. The Bylaws will provide the voting privileges pathway for organization. Jeff Cunningham clarified that in order to get organized as a club, we need to define the structure and positions so there can be order and structure. Discussion of the direction and mission of the WCB club. Concern voiced on formulation of 501 3C which in the past split the Monadnock Beekeepers Association.

Jeff B mentioned how the Windham County Beekeepers club idea had begun last July with Bill Mares.

The Windham County Beekeepers club current proposed Mission Statement:

  • Offer opportunities for beekeepers and a network in our area
  • Peer to peer mentoring
  • Healthy sustained bees and beekeepers in Southern Vermont

Jeff delivered the club’s Diversity statement being all inclusive and open to all living human beings and bees.

Proposal to accept the bylaws. Motion to accept Roberts Rules of Order by Jeff Battaglini. Accepted and seconded by Nancy Frye. Discussion on the version of Roberts Rules of Order and agreed to email the cheat sheet of Roberts Rules of Order to be the viewed and voted on at the next meeting. Jeff Motioned for The Agenda of the next meeting to cover the Order of Business going forward. Motion passed and was seconded by Deb Osowski.

The next WCB meeting will be held in three to four weeks (date and location) to be determined and all parties will be notified.

Meeting went to break at 2:20 pm.

Meeting was brought back into session at 2:30 pm.

Jeff Cunningham followed by sharing an education training session on Varroa sampling and control using the latest information from the Honey Bee Health Coalition website on tools for Varroa Management and a guide to effective
Varroa Sampling and Control.

Jeff thanked all attendees for coming. Thanked the Moore Free Library for the hosting the meeting.

Date for the next Windham Country Beekeepers club meeting will be emailed from contacts on the sign-up sheet.

The meeting adjourned at 3:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted by: Ashleigh Southworth