Here are business or other opportunities available to beekeepers in Southern VT. If you know of other opportunities or have info on the opportunities listed, let us know. Call Jeff B at 896-9770 or email us at

VBA Summer Meeting

Help the Vermont Beekeepers Association (VBA) host their summer meeting in July at Leland and Gray in Townshend. This is the first time the VBA meeting has ever been held in Windham County! We need volunteers for the VBA summer meeting. Let’s make Windham County shine!

If you can help, contact our volunteer coordinator, Nancy Frye, at   

If you have a raffle item to donate for the VBA meeting, please contact our raffle coordinator, Jill Dean, at 896-6518 or

VT Golden Honey Festival

Julie-Lynn Wood runs the VT Golden Honey Festival in Proctorsville. This festival happens every year in September. She is always looking for more help running a beekeeping/honey booth.
Contact Jeff B for more info.